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Mitsubishi montero sport ticking noise

Mitsubishi Montero Sport owners have reported 1 problem related to engine clicking and tapping noises under the engine and engine cooling category. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Mitsubishi Montero Sport based on all problems reported for the Montero Sport.

I purchased a Mitsubishi Montero Sport from jack taylor alexandria Toyota. On September 09,I experienced trouble with my vehicle on the way back from our south carolina vacation. I called the representative back and advised him that the truck seemed to be fine, therefore we were going to try and make it home. He suggested that I schedule an appointment to have the vehicle checked.

I contacted the darcars dealership the next day and spoke to a mr.

mitsubishi montero sport ticking noise

Willard who scheduled an appointment for my car. After the technician checked the vehicle, the only problem they could find was that the car was 2 quarts overfilled with transmission fluid and no other problems.

Mileage was On October 21,I had an oil change performed on my vehicle at jiffy lube while driving home the truck started to hesitate, making a loud knocking and ticking sound, the oil light came on and the vehicle started loosing acceleration pressure. I called the manager mike at jiffy lube who serviced my vehicle and performed the service, I told him exactly what the truck was doing and he stated that he could not tell me why it was doing this but that the truck should have plenty of oil in it.

See all problems of the Mitsubishi Montero Sport. Car Problems. Engine Belts And Pulleys problems.

mitsubishi montero sport ticking noise

Engine problems. Engine And Engine Cooling problems. Car Stall problems. Gasoline Engine problems. Radiator problems. Engine Failure problems. Engine Knocking Noise problems. Oil Pump problems. Gas Recirculation Valve egr Valve problems.Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I have a Montero Sport. Normally the engine turns over fine. Occasionally, like maybe once every two weeks, when I turn the ignition key all the lights dash lights go dim, I hear a click, and the engine won't crank.

If I try to jump start it when that happens, it still won't turn over. If I disconnect and re-connect one of the battery cables, then it turns over and starts fine, and works perfectly until the next time it happens. Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery solves the issue. The battery cables are not loose or corroded. It's almost as if something is shorting out, and removing power clears the short.

Any idea on what this could be? If you've correctly eliminated the battery, cable connections, and battery cables as being culprits, then this is the only thing left based on your description. Your description of an audible click and lights dimming supports this. The solenoid is engaging and starter is trying to work amperage draw causing lights to dim but just doesn't have the torque to turn the flywheel.

Probably worn down starter motor brushes, where it's ocassionally settling on an area of poor conductivity, especially if that's the original, now 13 year old starter. Good luck, doesn't sound like it's going to be too major of an issue. Thanks for the input rattle axis. It turns out your diagnosis may be spot on. The problem came up again yesterday, the second time it happened in 2 days, which was kind of unusual. I tried disconnecting and re-connecting the battery cable.

When I re-connected, it restored the lights to their full brightness, but when I turned the key it clicked and killed the lights all together. I disconnected and re-connected again, and the same thing happened. After the second time, I left the ignition key on, and was again going to disconnect and re-connect the battery cable. I discovered that moving the cable positive just a little returned power to the car.

This indicated to me that the connection was intermittent. As I said in my original post, the battery cables were not corroded. By that I meant the terminals. I had never really thought to look further back on the cable. When I pulled the red boot back, I found out that there was a bit of corrosion where the terminal bolts on the cable. I unbolted the terminal from the cable, and cleaned that all up real well.

Will see if that solves my problem. I've seen side post batterys leak acid through the terminal before. The acid wicks into the cable and you wind up with corrosion high resistance inside the insulation. IF that's the case, best to replace the cable. Well, cleaning up the corrosion seems to have rectified the problem.

Have had no more issues since the, knock on wood. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed.

Unanswered Questions. Mitsubishi Montero, Pajero, and Shogun. Wiki User I can tell you mineis ticking because of a bad hydraulic valve lifter. Yes that's right but, mine had been ticking for about two weeks and I got to the point that I hated driving my truck.

I used a bottle of Sea Foam available at any auto parts store. I pulled a vacuum hose on the top of the intake with engine running, and let it suck some into the intake cleaning any carbon deposits out. I then dumped the rest into the crank case where the oil goes make sure to not overfill it though. I've gone two months with no ticking!

Q: Car clicking when I try to start

How do you replace the computer on a montero sport. I have never changed drum brakes before but i have a Montero sport also. Does it look very complicated? Asked in Subaru Outback Why would one rear wheel make a clicking noise in a outback sport with drum brakes you can hear it when you brake and when you are not braking? You have to take off the fender well. You are looking anywhere between The Montero Sport has a timing belt. This is true for both the 3.

Mitsubishi engine clicking noise

It is recamended to be changed every 60, miles. But be karfull as thay are interference morters Collapsed hydraulic lifter? Asked in Hyundai Sonata Hyundai Sonata it doesn't want to start? Does it turn over? When you try to start the car can you hear a ticking noise? If there's ticking it could be your battery or alternator but if it doesn't tick it's probably your starter. Why does four wheel drive light flash?

The horn fuse on my Montero Sport is located in the fuse box under the dash, to the left of the steering column. The fuse box cover shows a horn symbol. Asked in Car Sounds, Buick Century, Noise Pollution My buick century has always had a ticking noise that disappeared after it warmed up but lately it has increased to a noisy rattle its a v6 with klicks? If you are driving the vehicle while ticking it could be that the engine mount is in poor condition.

Asked in Mitsubishi Montero, Pajero, and Shogun What are the door speaker sizes for a montero sport? I replaced mine and they are 6.

The tweeters are 1". If the ticking sounds like a "normal" ticking, it is probably the fuel injectors. Ahoy this is stonemkr and you might try the local library for there manual if they do not have it they will order it.At the start of engine of a Montero Sport in the morning, it makes cranking noise continuously when the engine is running and after it runs for some minutes, the noise will subside and the engine will continue to run smoothly all day.

It has been doing his for some months. Ayoodunsi answered 6 years ago. The noise sounds like an engine knock when I start it in the mornings but after it runs for some minutes, it regularizes itself and work normally. The first time I noticed it, I thought probably the Oil Pump did not circulate oil but when I discovered that at times, the noise doesn't come up.

I am beginning to wonder that something could be wrong that needs urgent attention and that if it not fixed on time, it could destroy the engine totally. I discussed it with my mechanic but he said if only I could leave it with him overnight but my job did not allow me to do so.

Slayton answered 5 years ago.

mitsubishi montero sport ticking noise

Mareksatx answered 5 years ago. I had a similar problem. My mechanic couldnt locate the source of the noise ,and said he would have to remove all the pulleys then he might have a clue! But when I was at inspection station,the other mechanic pointed to timing belt hitting its cover and he was right.

Anyway that noise is gone now but my montero has not been fixed - after replacing timing belt and tension piston - engine is acting up. First - timing was off 2 notches, second time I had to take it in again - after 2 days I havent heard from mechanic yet. James answered 5 years ago.

Ant answered 2 years ago. After haveing them put in Firestone told him to drive it for a while so they could heat up and break in. So with in the next two days he took a little trip. He hadn't gon far until he started hearing a knock then everything broke loose.

Now my son doesn't drive hard and he hadn't put 20 miles since he had the o2 sensors put in but the engine was knocking so bad it can't be driven.

Ticking can be lifters but knocking is bad.All you hear is a click, then one or two more tries and the car starts. When idling the knocking can be heard, or when i push the gas the knock can be heard. I was once told it could be that the spark plugs are going bad and it is causing a issue with the pistons. Any one have an idea as to my issue. Every so often the knocking will go away completely. Also with the car not staring it is not like you hear the car try to start, it is just a click and nothing else.

The clicking you hear is probably due to bad contacts in the starter solenoid part of the starter. The fact that the knock clears up intermittently may indicate a sticking hydraulic valve lash adjuster.

2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport - Knocking Noise

Have you kept up with your oil changes? Inadequate oil changes can cause this. Thank you for your response. I have been keeping up with oil changes however the mechanic my father usually takes us to has said that perhaps the car needs a new starter.

Once again thank you for the response. As far as the knock is concerned, is it more of a ticking-clicking noise?

Engine Noise Problem

Or is it a dull deep knocking noise? A ticking-clicking noise would point to a valve lash adjuster. Other knocks are not usually intermittent. The proper diagnostic method for the no-crank problem is a voltage measurement at the starter motor during attempted cranking. That way the causes can be differentiated among the starter motor, battery, connections, grounds, relays, ignition switch, etc. Pings, which can be caused by other things than just spark plugs, usually get noticeably worse during acceleration or when going uphill.

It would really be a rarity for an engine to ping while idling. I actually heard this happen once about fifty years ago when working at a Citgo station. Turned out to be a small incandescent carbon deposit on a spark plug. It could all be due to the starter. Bad contacts cause the to crank issue, but also when the engine does start, the starter might not be retracting completely causing the knocking sound.

I thin you should replace the starter first and see what happens. I have a 03 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 3.My vehicle will not start. I only hear a clicking sound when I try to start it. The interior lights work, but they are very dim and weak.

Sounds like you might have low battery voltage. Car batteries are Once the voltage falls below As the voltage gets lower the lights will start to dim. If the battery is simple old and not holding a good charge anymore a situation similar to what you described will occur.

A mechanic such as one from Your mechanic will be able to load test the battery and determine if the battery is weak or just low on charge. If it is just low on charge, additional diagnostic work may have to be done to determine what is draining the battery. In either case I suggest you seek professional assistance in determining why the car clicks when you try to start it. Q: Car clicking when I try to start asked by Zoe W. Isai Rodriguez Automotive Mechanic.

Thank Isai. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful? Recommended Services. Montero Sport. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Questions.

2002 Montero Sport XLS ticking/knocking

Car running rough. My radiator fan is shaking and rattling. Code p by Rod. May need new alternator by Victor M.My Mitsubishi montero sport is making a clicking noise in the engine. The best way to describe it is it sounds like a Diesel engine running. David answered 5 years ago.

mitsubishi montero sport ticking noise

Faultlessmom answered 2 years ago. At the start of engine of a Montero Sport in the morning, it makes cranking noise continuously when the engine is running and after it runs for some minutes, the noise will subside and the engine will Battery charged.

Clicking noise when doesn't crank all the way. When on, shuts off in low idle. I have a Mitsubishi Montero Sport with 88, miles V6 3.

Is this common at this mileage? My engine light was on. My battery went out and i got it replaced. That was 3 weeks ago. My engine light has been off ever since then. I have to get my car smogged next month. Do you think it will Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use.

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